There are many ways in which you can become involved with your City:

If you are interested in volunteering your time and being nominated to one of the various service boards for our City then
please fill out and complete the
board application. The Mayor nominates and the City Council confirms applicants to
serve on the Planning Commission, the Board of Appeals, the Parks and Rec Board, the Art Commission, the STAT
Board of Directors, the Downtown Development Authority and the Urban Redevelopment Authority. All members of these
boards are vital to the operation of the City. To learn more about each board and what it does please visit the City
website or contact the Mayor.
In addition the Mayor may establish and appoint members of Council and Citizens to various Ad Hoc Committees.
Currently, the Mayor has established Ad Hoc Committees for Economic Development, the Senior Center and the
Welcome Sign Project. If you would like to serve on one of these committees or if you have a suggestion for another
committee then please
e-mail the Mayor.

The City hosts many events throughout the year. These events are only possible through the hard work of out
volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to help with one of our many events or projects then please contact the Mayor or
City Hall. If you are a student you may be eligible to receive community service hours for your volunteer time.

 If you are interested in working on an election campaign by making phone calls, placing yard signs, hosting a meet and
greet or donating your time, money or resources for Kelly or one of the candidates that she supports then please call

                                                          THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT!

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